Riaan Jacobsz

is a totally unrecognised songwriter and guitarist that cut his teeth as junior opera singer, the highlight of his career was being chosen to sing soprano as an eight year old at his local church fete. Since then, he has come along in leaps and bounds and after qualifying as a school teacher, he realised that the responsible thing to do is to stay away from the classroom. He's now a regular artist on the Durban live music scene, often teaming up with either Nux Schwartz or Paul Basel under the name of Southern Comfort.

Riaan's birthday is on the 15th of January and he likes his coffee with two sugars and a dash of milk, followed by several tequilas. A Mexican Xtra Hot is his preferred pizza.

Sports wise, Riaan is an avid golfer with a nasty handicap. He is often found at the local driving range, spraying balls in every direction.... back